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A service line is the pipe that takes water from the water main in the street to each building. Lead was the preferred piping material for water service lines in the early 1900’s. Cincinnati begun requiring the use of copper pipe in 1928 and has ever since. For properties with lead service line GCWW was one of the first in the country to establish a program to help customers replace their pipes. The program continues to grow to meet all current and future Lead and Copper federal requirements

Find out if you have a lead service line:

Test Your Water for Lead


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How the GCWW Service Line Replacement Program Works:

GCWW Replaces Lead and Galvanized Steel Service Lines
1. For all childcare facilities
2. Along water main replacement projects
3. Individual replacements where lead service lines are leaking or high lead test
4. In high priority areas using a prioritization model (coming soon)

Process to Replace your Service Line When you are in a Project Area:

The GCWW Lead Service Line Replacement Program has been replacing the lead service lines since 2018. Our employees and contractors have the experience and expertise to get the job done right to remove lead at your property.

The customer reviews speak for themselves. Don’t hesitate to participate when we are in your area!