Child Care Providers/Parents

What GCWW Is Doing For Child Care Providers/Parents

Partner with us!


As a partner, you can expect the following from GCWW:

  • An explanation of our records of service lines providing water to the child care program
  • Verification of the actual service lines
  • A link or a copy of the recommended USEPA 3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools: Revised Technical Guidance Document (3Ts Guidelines)
  • Delivery of sample kits to the facility
  • Analysis of the samples
  • Detailed discussion of the results
  • Consideration of follow-up samples, if needed
  • Assistance with a remediation plan
  • Assistance with creating a communications plan for the child care community


To be an effective partner, GCWW will need the following from the child care program:

  • Thorough sampling plan, clearly identifying all drinking and cooking water outlets
  • Collection of samples following the sampling protocol outlined in the 3Ts Guidelines
  • Review of the sample results with GCWW
  • Communication regarding sampling and results to the child care community
  • Development and implementation of remediation plans, if necessary


See Frequently Asked Questions below.

GCWW Awarded Grant by Ohio EPA
Grant Will Help Replace Lead Service Lines for Licensed Child Care Facilities


Press Release


To apply for the Lead Service Line Replacement Grant Program, please complete the following form:

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    What has prompted a review of lead in water systems across the nation?

    What has Greater Cincinnati Water Works been doing regarding the issue of lead?

    Why is there a focus on child care facilities?

    How might a child care facility’s children and staff be exposed to lead?

    Where can I find out more information about sampling for lead in child care facilities?

    Does GCWW provide sampling assistance?

    Where should I sample?

    When should I take a sample?

    Where can I get sampling bottles?

    How long will it take to receive the sample results?

    What happens if the sample results indicate detections of lead?

    Will I receive my results in writing?

    What should I tell the families and parents at the child care facility about the sampling?

    What will GCWW do with the sample results?